We would like to inform you that insolvency proceedings have been opened for Matador Prime Ltd. by a decision of March 19, 2019 of the Sofia City Court in a commercial case No. 103 of 2019, entered in the Commercial Register on March 19, 2019. With the same decision, Alexander Kostadinov was appointed as a temporary assignee of “Matador Prime” Ltd.

Pursuant to Bulgarian Law on Commerce, the creditors of “Matador Prime” Ltd. shall file their claims in writing before the insolvency court not later than three months after the entry in the Commercial register of the decision for opening of the insolvency proceedings –   not later than 19th of June 2019.

The assignee of Matador Prime Ltd. draws up a list of accepted filled claims in the order of their receipt with a note of the creditor, the amount and the ground of the claim, the privileges and the collateral, the date of the filing. The assignee also draws up a list of the claims officially accepted by him and a list of rejected claims. Clients’ claims of the investment intermediary shall be deemed to have been filed and shall be entered officially by the assignee in the list of accepted claims, in accordance with Article 77b, par. 6 of LPOS /Law on the Public Offering of Securities/.

The assignee submits for announcement in the Commercial Register the above mentioned lists and the financial statements immediately after their drawing up and leaves them at the disposal of the creditors and the debtor in the office of the court.

The debtor or creditor may make a written objection to the court, with a copy to the assignee, against accepted or rejected by the assignee claim, within 7 days of their announcement in the Commercial Register. If the deadline is exceeded, it is impossible to subsequently challenge the lists of the creditor concerned except in the cases of Article 694 of the Law on Commerce.

Where there are no objections to the lists, the court shall approve the list of accepted and officially еntered claims in a closed session. In the event of objections to the lists, the court shall rule on them after consideration of the objections.

The court examines the objections raised in open court by given notice to attend to the assignee, the debtor, the creditor whose acceptance or rejection of the claim is contested, as well as the creditor that had made the objection. When it finds the objections as valid, the court approves the list after making the relevant amendment. Otherwise, the court leaves the objections without respect. The order of the court to approve the list is announced in the Commercial Register. The orders of the court are not subject to appeal.

In the insolvency proceedings as accepted is considered a claim, which is included in the approved by the court list for the accepted claims with the exception of claim under Art. 694 of the Law on Commerce.

The procedure for filling claims in the insolvency proceedings is governed by Articles 685-695 of the Bulgarian Law on Commerce.

The creditors of Matador Prime Ltd. should acquaint themselves with it and follow the announcements in the Commercial register of the account of Matador Prime Ltd. in order to observe the terms for their rights.