The Fund pays out compensation to every client of an investment intermediaries up to 90% of the amount of the receivable, but not more than 40 000 BGN.

No compensation is paid to:

  1. members of the management and supervisory body of the investment intermediary, as well as of its procurators;
  2. persons who own directly or indirectly 5 or over 5 per cent of the votes in the general meeting of the investment intermediary or may control it, as well as persons, belonging to the same group to which the investment intermediary also belongs, for which consolidated reports are prepared;
  3. the registered auditor, which has audited the investment intermediary’s annual financial statement;
  4. the spouses, relatives in the direct line without limitations, in the collateral line up to the second degree inclusive and by affinity up to the second degree inclusive of the persons under item 1, 2 and 3;
  5. investment intermediaries;
  6. (Am. – SG, iss. 86 in 2006) credit institutions;
  7. insurers;
  8. pension and social insurance funds;
  9. (Am. – SG, iss. 86 in 2006) closed-end investment companies, collective investment schemes and special purpose vehicles;
  10. the government and government institutions;
  11. the municipalities;
  12. (amended SG, iss. 103 in 2005) the Fund for Compensation of Investors in financial instruments , the Deposit Insurance Fund and the Guarantee Fund under art.287 of the Insurance Code;
  13. (Am. – SG, iss. 86 in 2006) investors, who have availed themselves of circumstances, related to the investment intermediary and that led to worsening of its financial situation as well as to investors, who contributed to that situation;
  14. (Prev. item 13 – SG, iss. 86 in 2006) other professional clients within the meaning of § 1 item 9 of the Additional Provisions of the Markets in Financial Instruments Act.

The Fund does not pay compensation for receivables, arisen out of or related to transactions and actions, constituting „money laundering” within the meaning of Art. 2 of the Law on Measures against Money Laundering.