Guaranteed Payments

The Fund pays out compensation to every client of an investment intermediaries up to 90% of the amount of the receivable, but not more than 40 000 BGN.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section are listed questions and answers in context of fund’s activity, the right of compensation and etc.

Payment of compensation

The Investor Compensation Fund guarantees payment of compensation to the clients of an investment intermediary by the raised money in the Fund in the cases where the investment intermediary is not able to pay its liabilities to the client due to reasons directly linked to its financial situation.

logo_small_statiaThe Investor Compensation Fund in Bulgaria aims at increasing the credibility in the Bulgarian capital market, its development and stability by providing compensation to the clients of investment intermediaries as well as their branches in the host countries in cases when the investment intermediary is not able to perform its obligations to the clients due to reasons related to his financial state.

The Investor Compensation Fund is an independent legal entity which headquarters are situated in Sofia.


Announcement to clients of Matador Prime Ltd.

We would like to inform you that insolvency proceedings have been opened for Matador Prime Ltd. by a decision of March 19, 2019 of the Sofia City Court in a commercial case No. 103 of 2019, entered in the Commercial Register on March 19, 2019. With the same decision, Alexander Kostadinov was appointed as a temporary assignee of “Matador Prime” Ltd. Pursuant to Bulgarian Law on Commerce, the creditors of “Matador Prime” Ltd. shall file their claims in writing before the insolvency court not later than three months after the entry in the Commercial register of the decision for opening of the insolvency proceedings –   not later than 19th of June 2019. The assignee of Matador Prime Ltd. draws up a list of accepted filled claims in the order of their receipt with a note of the creditor, the amount and the ground of the claim, the privileges and...

Announcement for payment of compensations to the clients of Matador Prime Ltd

Following the revocation of the license of Matador Prime Ltd and Resolution №102-II/24.01.2019 of the Financial Supervision Commission, the Management Board of the Investor Compensation Fund took the following decision: Payment of compensations to the clients of Matador Prime Ltd by the Fund will be carried out by the United Bulgarian Bank AD. The claim for payment of compensation has to be submitted to the Fund in written form within a period of one year after the publishing of this announcement unless the failure to observe the deadline is due to any special, unforeseen circumstances. More information about terms and procedures for submitting claims for compensation (including sample forms and declarations for legal and natural persons), clients of Matador Prime Ltd may find at, section „Payment of compensations“. The clients of Matador Prime Ltd may submit the claim for payment of compensation at the following address: 31st “Tzar...

Matador Primer Ltd. License was taken by Decision of FSC

On its Board meeting on 11.10.2018 the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) took Decision for the withdrawal of the license of the investment company Matador Primer Ltd. In order to take all the necessary measures to settle the investment company’s relations with its clients, Stoil Vladimirov Molloff was appointed as a quaestor (administrator) of the company. The quaestor (administrator) will have three months to settle the relations with the customers of Matador Prime Ltd. The contact details of the quaestor are as follows: +359 2 955 53 48;...

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