National institutions

National Assembly –

Council of Ministers –

Bulgarian National Audit Office –

Financial Supervision Commission –

Bulgarian National Bank –

Ministry of Finance –

Association of Banks in Bulgaria –

Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies /BAAMC/ –

Agency for Economic Analysis and Forecasting –

Bulgarian Stock Exchange –

National Statistical Institute –

Central Depository –

Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund –

Foreign schemes for investor compensation

Romanian Investors Compensation Fund –

Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors (Denmark) –

Investors’ Compensation Fund (Finland) –

Securities Guarantee Scheme (France) –

Compensatory Fund for Securities Trading Companies (Germany) –

The Investor Compensation Company Limited (Ireland) –

National Guarantee Fund (Italy) –

Deposit Guarantee Association Luxembourg (Luxembourg) –

Investor Compensation Scheme (Portugal) –

Investor Compensation Scheme (Sweden) –

Financial Service Compensation Scheme (United Kingdom) –

Investor Compensation Fund for Clients of Banks (Cyprus) –

Securities Brokers Guarantee Fund (Czech Republic) –

The Investor Protection Guarantee Fund (Estonia) –

Investor Protection Fund (Hungary) –

The Liabilities to Investors Insurance Fund (Lithuania) –

Investor Compensation Fund (Malta) –

Mandatory Compensation Scheme (Poland) –

Investor Guarantee Fund (Slovakia) –

International organizations

European Forum for Deposit Insurers –